projIP Р Industry-led projects and internships

Students in all professional courses have to undertake a short-term (2 to 6 months) project towards partial fulfillment of the curriculum . Students in other courses also like to enhance profile by undertaking a vocational project. is a cloud based technology platform to crowd-source projects and mentors from industry and align them to appropriate students seeking internship or apprenticeship. For the students of an institute the platform renders industry-linked projects with live exposure, working with a mentor and collaborating with team members in a virtual work-area .For the industry organisations it provides diverse resources that can be deployed to a project team under mentored environment.

While working on industry-led projects students reinforce subject knowledge , enhance communication abilities and aptitude,and acquire professional practices . On the contrary, industry is able to incubate ideas, pilot concepts or impact functional innovations using these resources along with reputed mentors.

On one hand, will develop a diverse pool of employable talent who are industry-skilled ; on the other it will create a repository of projects for ready reference across diverse sectors and functions . Thus,it creates wealth (skill, innovation) from waste (non-productive hours lost in ‘sourcing’ project reports) and bridges the industry-academia divide.

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