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Project Management Professional

Calendar – Classroom

#Bengaluru (May 24th-25th, May 31st-June 31st),

#New Delhi (May 31st-June 1st, June 7th-8th).

Calendar – Virtual 

#May 22nd – 11th June (19:30-22:00), May 27th- June 13th (6:30-9:00)

Project Management is an emerging industry requirement that enhances productivity and performance at work and life. We conduct workshop to train,develop and help certify project management skills for working professionals at their pace, level and context. There is a separate foundation track for students at campus.

Like any human undertaking, projects need to be performed and delivered under certain constraints. Traditionally, these constraints have been listed as “scope,” “time,”  ”cost” and “quality”.The discipline of project management is about providing the tools and techniques that enable the project team (not just the project manager) to organize their work to meet these constraints.

Project Management has emerged as an important management skill and competence across industry sectors . As innovation is the driver for progressive businesses, innovations are inevitably delivered through projects.  Project teams launch new products or services, set up new assembly lines, new factories, new marketing and advertising campaigns, even IPOs … just about everything is managed in project form by organizations. Moreover, with shortening of product life cycles, outsourced production and outsourcing of larger part of the value chain, organizations too are adopting project management practices rigorously.

Under such circumstances, companies prefer to employ people with Project Management Certified skills . Companies expect every new employee to hit the ground running. Project Management Professional (certification governed by Project Management Institute,USA) is considered to be the global gold standard.

We conduct workshops to prepare professionals for the certification. We add industry experience through PMP Certified facilitators.

For a brief overview of the PMP Readiness Workshop, click here. These FAQs will help you decide better.