BOOST – Professional L&D services for Enterprise

Major challenge of Learning & Development (L&D) Heads is to impact business outcome for their organizations.All these with optimized resources.We created BOOST to encourage L&D Heads think Business Outcome Oriented Services while deciding for an intervention.

Organisations, by and large, follow conventional approach – good intervention triggers more effective behavior and execution, which should result in improved business outcome .

Most interventions spend very little of their time to show how they add value to their organization , by creating business linkage and measurement. Most of the L&D focus in obtaining positive line feedback , but this success does not translate into impacting positive business outcome.

BOOST approaches this challenge with a backward planning:

Outcome- What is the organisational objective to improve the business?

Learning-What must the learners be able to perform in order to achieve the objective?

Training-What new knowledge,skills and resources do they need to perform?

Motivation- What must the learners perceive to learn & perform?

Organisations need learning advisors who help impact business outcome by using both L&D and business expertise to proactively influence talent , through a customised model.

BOOST identifies business outcome enablers as a function of  individual or team competencies- skill , knowledge and behavior Рand motivation-organisational culture and value-based.. BOOST triggers outcome like productivity,effectiveness, performance and change.

BOOST methodology entails assessment, training, coaching, organisational development and measurement.